In our history, religion has caused more deaths than anything else. The cruelty of religion is well documented and is visible in all aspects of our existence. Even terrorism is often justified by the perpetrators as “in the name of God”, or one of the many variations. Whether one believes in God or simply uses the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis deity as a justification, it’s undeniable that billions of deaths, directly or indirectly, are caused by religion.

“Covering Up Religion” (2012) is a small book that shows my personal view on religion. The booklet contains the summaries of the four largest world religions, but each page is “covered up” with a transparent page full of crosses. Religion is generally a support for people, which I find very beautiful, but it is time that we open our eyes and see what believe – in something that does not actually exist – means for our world.