We live in a fast moving society. Everybody is busy with being successful, having a great social life, looking good and capturing every single moment on social media, so everyone can see what a brilliant life you have. In the meantime your body is giving lots of signs, but you’re not listening. You just go on with rushing through life like everybody else is doing. Your mood, energy, appetite, ability to think, sex drive, sleep habits, or actually your overall health is influenced by nutrition, by the things you eat. But we have no clue of what we’re eating anymore.

With “Een Geraffineerd Proces” I would like to slow you down, let you search for the details of our food production, marketing and consumption. In this project you can experience, feel, see, hear and read about this massive food production and what it does to our wellbeing through the processes from refinement of the food products to the metabolism in our body.

The project consists of a typographic scheme on the floor that shows the processing steps from raw product to over processed product: The processes to create vegetable fat, flour, refined salt and refined sugar. You can find a mannequin in the middle of the scheme with a projection of the digestive system and a part of the metabol syndrome. The screens show my interpretation of all the weird techniques that are used to process food products. Under the sound shower you’ll hear lots of marketing shouts from tv commercials and last but not least you can find the explanation of all of these processes in the publication.