Instead of hunting for food, like we used to, it has now become difficult to avoid food. Almost everywhere you go you’re tempted to buy food. Food that often claims to be healthy and honest, but really isn’t. Are we eating to live, or living to eat?

Food is the fuel of the body, but due to the the arrival of denatured food products and our food ignorance it has become our drug. The growing scale of industrial food products and consumption have significantly aggravated our diet. As a result the number of people with Western Diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer has increased enormously, and next to that animals are being tortured, and our planet is being destroyed.

We’re being misled to consume as much as possible.

With project FEED, I’m creating food consciousness by feeding people both literally and figuratively. By creating awareness of the impact of our diets and consumerism people will hopefully make more conscious decisions, which will be conducive to our health and planet.